Product Info

  • Length: 9m - 22m
  • KN : 75

Features and Advantages

The Better Choice

Senaka Zenn prestressed spun concrete poles offer a host of advantages which make them a better choice over wooden and steel as well as other types of concrete poles
Strong and maintenance-free, our poles are fully accepted and meet the stringent standards set by National Electricity Board of Sri Lanka

Superior quality control

Poles are manufactured under Japanese Industries Standards(JIS) requiring strict adherence to rigid quality control, resulting in superior prestressed spun concrete poles.
Modern and up-to-date plants provide assurance of superior quality products


Much higher strength-to –height ratio than ordinary concrete poles
Do not require frequent replacement due to deterioration as compared to wooden poles

Maintenance free

Do not require painting
No maintenance inspection necessary
No periodic inspection and treatments are required
Install and forget

Attractive Finish

A modern look in keeping with today’s aesthetic requirements
Smooth texture, light grey colour
Attractive finish, modern, slim and tapered
Do not bend with age

Light Weight

Hollow type construction makes the poles light in weight, making transportation and installation much easier than other types of concrete poles


Last longer compared to wooden poles which are subject to decay, termite attack and damage by fire Very high compaction forces generated by centrifugal process results in a super dense concrete which is practically impermeable Resistant to underground deterioration as compared to steel and wooden poles